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Perform yourselves?

Public fundraising performances


Hurried Steps is a fantastic vehicle for student and women's groups to raise awareness about Violence Against Women & Girls.  It has enormous impact.

 Audience feedback, Sevenoaks: "Fantastic - very powerful and information" "I feel enlightened" "Extremely informative and inspirational panel discussion"


Performances have raised funds worldwide for support groups and Women's Refuges.

The play was written to be low cost as there is no set - just music stands, no costumes and no need for sophisticated sound equipment or lights. The play is suitable for any space from community halls, to lecture theatres, to large performance spaces.

New Shoes Theatre has music stands available to UK Kent-based community groups to borrow at no cost - kindly funded by The Brook Trust.

If you want to arrange to perform yourselves in order to raise funds for your local organisations, please contact us and we will pass your message on to the playwright, Dacia Maraini and the translator, Sharon Wood.

Contact New Shoes Theatre if you prefer to book a professional Theatre performance.

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