Hurried Steps is the translation of Passi Affrettati by Dacia Maraini and translated by Sharon Wood.  The English Hurried Steps text is their property. 

The playwright’s aim in writing Hurried Steps is to raise awareness about violence against women and girls, as well as to raise funds for local support services for abused women.

Organiser requirements:

You must provide an up to date email address (that is working) and contact phone number/s for one approved organiser.

You must complete an evaluation form of your event (provided to you by New Shoes Theatre) no later than 21 days after your final performance. 


Each performance must be followed by a panel discussion/Q&A and the panel must include at least one Domestic Violence Advocate.


Payment for the licence includes the discounted purchase of five Camberwell Press published scripts, printout of the new FGM story.  

The payment includes postage and packing, the authors’ Royalty payments and an administration fee. 

You must donate all of the proceeds from your event to the local women’s services, the organisation/s must be agreed in advance with the authors.

All performers and producers must be amateurs and unpaid (Except technical staff contracted by the venue.)

Keep production costs down. 

Proof must be given to New Shoes Theatre that the money has been received by the beneficiary named in clause 4. a (below) .


You must give New Shoes Theatre a contact name, website link and phone number of the Women’s Services beneficiary 

The beneficiary must be named in your publicity. 

You must inform New Shoes Theatre which stories have been performed (in the evaluation form).


Your venue must be approved in advance by the authors.


Use ONLY the published Camberwell Press version of the text fand print out of the FGM story or your event. NO other scripts are authorised.

You can use ANY of the stories in a performance – we recommend no more than 8 of the 10 stories. 

Inform New Shoes Theatre which stories have been performed.

No edits or changes are permitted to any of the scenes and no introductions are permitted at all unless specified and approved in writing (such as up-to-date) statistics.

All HURRIED STEPS performances should consist of an uninterrupted performance of the stories followed by a panel discussion, talk or Q&A and should not exceed 120 minutes including an interval.


A minimum of 2 performers must be used in any performance unless the performance consists entirely of the Civita story. No maximum limit.

You must agree to strive for diversity of all kinds. 

No acting experience is necessary.


The play must be read from music stands without any scenery. 

Simple lighting can be used throughout the performances if wished. 

You are responsible for clearing, at your expense, the Performance Rights to any incidental music used in the production of the play.

Marketing and Publicity:

You must make it clear in all promotional material, online, press & marketing that this is an amateur performance.

You must provide New Shoes Theatre with the date, time and venue address of the performance and any suitable photos to be displayed on the Hurried Steps website and Facebook Page. 

All amateur performances must:

Use the poster and leaflet artwork as stipulated by Dacia Maraini and provided by New Shoes Theatre.

Credit on all web promotion, press releases and programmes must include the following words:

Steps by Dacia Maraini” (Larger font)

“Translated by Sharon Wood.” (Smaller font)

“This amateur production has been arranged by New Shoes Theatre as part of the Pathways to Groups project, supported by the Feminist Review Trust and The Woodward Charitable Trust.” 

No filming of any performances beyond a 3-minute limit for private archive purposes only.

No film of your event can be shown on the internet without the written permission of the authors.