With hurried steps these women flee from pain and discrimination. Inspired by real facts reported by Amnesty International, the text is a testimony, an accusation, a gesture of solidarity and acknowledgment of all those women who are still prisoners of forced marriage, of a violent family, of a hustler, of tradition or of age-old discriminations which are so difficult to overcome.” Dacia Maraini.

A powerful play
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Hurried Steps is part of Dacia Maraini's Passi affrettati project to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. Any groups wishing to perform the play in English to raise funds for womens' organisations can apply for permission. Click here to apply

Every performance is followed by a discussion between a panel of experts who support women in the local area. They give insight into their work towards eliminating violence against women and girls. They can also offer advice.

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The Hurried Steps playtext, written by Dacia Maraini and translated by Sharon Wood can be purchased from New Shoes Theatre. All copies bought from this website will include a copy of the new FGM story and a link to download the resource pack. Click here.


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